Welcome to TalkManTalk.com, my name is Tim Stewart aka TalkManTalk – and my goal is “Speaking to Inspire”. As a life coach, I can certainly identify with that feeling of hopelessness, degradation and dereliction. I know how desperate addiction feels and how void life can feel without spirituality. I understand your pain, anxiety, depression and desire to find the good in life. Everything -and EVERYONE- counts in life, and that’s why I’m here – to help you identify, realize and achieve you goals, dreams, hopes and desires.


Maybe you need goal setting assistance, addiction and recovery help or an understanding of spirituality. Perhaps you simply want someone to listen to your story and offer suggestions for ways you can tweak your personal, professional or spiritual development. My daily meditations, videos, blogs and social media connections are designed to inspire, motivate and encourage you for everyday life. I’m ready to share these “keys to success” and equip you to live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

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Every Habit Counts!

TalkManTalk transforms lives mainly through 3 solid sectors, through Speaking, Coaching, and teaching Goal Setting techniques for addiction recovery. You can become whole again! TalkManTalk will help you set goals for peak achievement and freedom from yourself, I will walk with you through every step of the addiction recovery process leaving no stone unturned. You can do it and YOU matter! My experience as an addict and a recovery coach is the combination that you need for an effective transformation. Let’s get started on your journey!


Where Do You Need Help?

Do you need help with addiction recovery or substance abuse to break free from any kind of addiction, a keynote speaker for your next addiction recovery meeting or seminar? Let TalkManTalk do the talking! For years I have worked with groups and individuals alike to bring about in-depth, consistent, and undeniable transformation in the lives of many. From videos to blog posts, newsletters, daily meditations, keynote speaking, group and one on one coaching, and social media posts, TalkManTalk helps people achieve goals, realize their potentials, dreams, hopes, and desires.



From goal setting techniques, and sharing personal experiences to teaching about working principles, TMT’s speaking is not distinct in every way.


Recovering from an addiction or substance abuse takes will, courage, discipline and a whole lot of other things, it's definitely not a journey one man can take on.


Owning up to your responsibilities a hundred percent can be all the difference you need to achieve more than you ever though you could in your journey to recovery.

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Knowledge is power, and it can help us overcome any fear of the unexpected. When we learn, we gain more awareness through the process and we can know what pitfalls to look for as we get ready to transition to the next level.

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