4 Ways To Maintain Discipline and Action In Your Journey to Recovery

by Timothy Stewart

Being disciplined requires a lot of determination and action! We all know that nothing great comes easy but we must keep working at it until it becomes a part of us just like breathing. We cannot continue to run from the things that make us uncomfortable or things that seem hard, we will achieve little if we live like that. On the road to recovery, we must take action, and to do that, we have to be disciplined. The only bad thing about discipline is that it can be very easy to lose and this is why we have to remember that one compromise greases the wheel for the next, so we must keep on it.

There may be a thousand reasons to give up but it doesn’t mean we should, especially when we are going through FYFY Exercise 8. It is one of the most tasking exercises because it’s like watching our past on a screen, but the great part is; making amends with people and ourselves is the refining fire we need to finish this journey pure and weightless. Challenges may come, however, we are strong enough to overcome them. And with these tips, you can maintain discipline and seamlessly take every action needed to on your journey to freedom from yourself.

4 Ways To Maintain Discipline and Action In Your Journey to Recovery

  1. Become Familiar with your Weaknesses

You know, the saying “keep your friends close and your enemies even closer” is very much applicable in this case. Our weaknesses are the things that have the power to tie us down, becoming familiar with them will help us keep them in check. Let’s take a moment to think about those things that seemingly have power over us, and determine that we are going to subdue them. Keeping our weaknesses in check will help us maintain discipline in a lot of areas.

  1. Remind yourself Everyday why you started

This is one of the most effective ways to maintain a disciplined life full of positive actions. When did you decide you wanted to turn a new leaf? Why did that happen? When we look at our FYFY Exercise 8 list and see the number of people we hurt and how we hurt ourselves, it’s a reminder of why we started this in the first place. We can turn that trip back to memory lane to some sort of motivation, something that helps us stay on the path and maintain discipline, something that directs our actions positively.

  1. Be Accountable to People

Being accountable helps us stay responsible. When we know that we have someone somewhere looking out for us, someone who we have to report to, it helps to keep us disciplined. When I was in rehab, I took action. I had to work with my sponsor to write out the list of people I had wronged and to whom I needed to make amends. The people on this list included my nana and granddaddy John, my mom, and my dad, my daughters, and my ex. It was one of the biggest steps I took but I was able to do it.

  1. Start Small

See how each exercise from the beginning led to an even bigger one? That’s the exact process we should take when we go through life daily. Don’t try to climb the biggest mountain, start with the small hill, master it and move on to an even bigger one. It can be as simple as saying “I’ll drink a cup of water every morning” when you stick to that for months then you graduate to “I’ll take a cup of healthy smoothie every morning”. It’s not going to be difficult to make the switch to a smoothie because you already created a routine with the cup of water.


Making amends may seem difficult at first but with repetition comes mastery. We can cross every boundary, make amends with the people we love, and live an absolutely weightless life.