Spiritual Principles

Moving forward with a comprehensive understanding of the Spiritual Principles can get us the right footing in life; it can keep us based in a solid foundation. When things are out of balance, when we’re not feeling it, when we’re unmotivated, tired and feeling unaligned, a solid knowledge, understanding and application of these principles mean that we how to realign ourselves and get back on track.

Let’s start with a dictionary definition. Spirituality is said to be that which gives life to a physical entity. We can read this to extend to the will to live, as well. Principles are defined as comprehensive laws that govern. They do not discriminate, they apply to everyone.

Spiritual Man, Spiritual PrinciplesPut that together and Spiritual Principles would be: fundamental laws that lend us the knowledge and will to live. They are the very essence of motivation. You might never have put the words “spiritual principle” to it before, but without holding some sort of spiritual principle, how are we to know to get out of bed in the morning, brush our teeth, earn money at work and take care of ourselves? Call it self-preservation if you like, call it instinct, but it is very hard to get motivated towards any ambition, however modest, without the aspect of “Spiritual Principles”.

We use this phrase “spiritual principle” because it puts a specific name to “how life works on planet earth”, and that’s what’s really important. It’s been shown that in cultures where the language has more names for colors, the people within that culture have a more complex and sophisticated understanding of color. Would you know that off-white and eggshell were slightly different from plain old white if they didn’t have different names? Once we put a name on our spiritual principles, we can begin to more fully understand them, and more effectively utilize them.

For some of us, that spiritual principle may simply be the will to take a shot at that promotion, start our own business, or take up painting. For others, it may be a very literal will to live. We don’t recover from a serious injury without a spiritual principle; we don’t recover from drug and alcohol addiction without the understanding and application of spiritual principles. Basically, we don’t move forward in any area of our lives without the application of spiritual principles.

Helping HandsFor some of us, hope is a spiritual principle. It’s the hope that we can recover, that things can and will be better. For others it’s faith- faith in our friends, our family and faith in our own ability to make things better. Some of us might be driven by nothing more than simple curiosity, wanting to see what tomorrow brings. When we know what drives us, what gets us up in the morning, what pushes us to take care of ourselves, to change bad habits and adopt good ones, we know what fuels our engine, what to feed ourselves. Knowing, understanding and the application of spiritual principles in our lives helps us master ourselves.

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