Your employer can take away your job.
Your partner can take away your possessions.
Addictions can take away years of our lives and countless opportunities.

man with troubles TMT – ADDICTION & RECOVERYWe don’t have control over what our employer or our partner does, but we can control our addiction. It’s not an easy task, but if we have even a glimmer of hope left-believing we can change-we can take back control of our lives.

Hope is something intangible, but it’s there and everyone has it – even if only a tiny sliver, it’s still there inside of us. We can harness that bit of hope, nurture it and help it grow so that we are able to succeed. When we surround ourselves with the right people and have access to resources and tools, we can overcome our biggest obstacles. It’s hope, faith and courage that helps get us through and create the life of which we dream.

We’re not alone in our struggles: More than 23 million people in America need treatment for drug and alcohol addictions. The total cost of drug abuse and addiction due to the use of tobacco, alcohol and illegal drugs are estimated at $524 billion a year. Illicit drug use along accounts for $181 billion a year in healthcare, productivity loss, crime, incarceration and drug enforcement according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Cost of Addiction

We no longer have to remain a part of these statistics; addiction can be very complex, but it’s treatable if we’re willing to put in the effort to be a part of the solution with a 12 Step or spiritual enrichment program, or other treatment solutions that have proven successful for people who’ve not given up. No matter how much they’ve struggled, they’ve gone on to lead happier, healthier and more successful lives.

Which road to recovery is right for you?

Some people can quit cold turkey, while others need to spend years going to group meetings in order to overcome their addictions. There’s no one right approach for every person. As a Life Coach, I help my clients determine which treatments will work best for them, whether it’s joining a 12 Step program such as AA, NA, CA, OA or seeking the advice of their medical professional. For decades, 12 Step programs have helped individuals work through, and overcome their addictions by providing a supportive and safe group environment where they can talk through their troubles and get advice or suggestions from people who’ve been through similar struggles.

Man sleeping on the streetIt’s never too late! You deserve a chance to live the life you were meant to live from the day you were born. As your Life Coach, I will listen to your struggles and needs and offer suggested solutions or resources, which, when implemented, will help you get your life headed in the right direction.

When we combine addiction, recovery and Life Coaching, we can transform our lives. We’re simultaneously taking two very active steps, which set our focus on the future. By looking at our lives as a blank slate, not a chalkboard full of messy mistakes, we set ourselves up for success.

I’ll listen while you talk, guide you through your thoughts and lead you towards positive thoughts and activities. I’ll teach you about self-care, goal setting and spiritual principles, so you are successful in reaching those dreams for which you desire.

If you’re already working the 12 Steps and ready to rebuild the areas of your life which have been harmed by addiction, give me a call or shoot me an email. I’ll see you for who you are, not where you’ve been or where you are now; there’s no judgment or bias from me, just honest truths that will transform your life.

Besides coaching individuals, I’m currently booking speaking sessions for the upcoming months. I would be honored to speak to members of your organization about topics related to giving up an addiction and the hills and valleys that accompany the recovery process. Whether you’re in charge of AA, NA, CA or OA groups, have a 12 Step program within your spiritual organization, I’m available for motivational and or spiritual talks for groups of any size.

Note: AA, NA, CA & OA are suggested 12 Step programs of recovery:

AA – Alcoholic Anonymous
NA – Narcotics Anonymous
CA – Cocaine Anonymous
OA – Overeaters Anonymous